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Mr. Esworthy

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My name is Mr. Esworthy and I am extremely excited to be experiencing my first year teaching at beautiful Fishburn Park Elementary School.  I am the regional SPED-MD teacher here at Fishburn for grades 3-5.  I have a passion for teaching and found my calling for special education years ago when I was working with a private day school.  This year our class will be utilizing the beautiful ponds and gardens here on campus focusing on life skills and plenty of hands on learning experiences.  I am looking forward to the school year to see all the progress and growth that we are going to make as a class.  In my free time outside of school I like to camp, hunt, fish and love spending time in my garden at home.  The picture above is of our classroom pet, a 2 year old bearded dragon named Kirby.

<Please contact me any time at or 5405832931.>