Monthly News and Schedule

December News

READING—We have started Module 2 of Wit and Wisdom, which is all about the American West.  We will read books about buffalo, Plains Indians, and pioneers this month.  Please read about 10-15 minutes at each day with your child.  Look in folders for books or things to work on.

WRITING—We continue to write paragraphs, especially explaining the topics we read about in Wit and Wisdom.  Encourage your child to sound out words he/she wants to spell as well as to edit for capital letters and ending marks.

SPELLING—Word lists are written in planners each Monday.  We will work with the list during the week and test on Friday.  Study at home if your child needs extra help.

MATH—Most students were able to pass a doubles facts test.  Keep reviewing basic +/- facts!  This month, we will continue to work through word problems and focus on effective strategies to solve.  We will also talk about estimation and work with the equal and not equal symbol().

SCIENCE—We will explore a unit on the 3 types of matter.  Read the study guide.

SOCIAL STUDIES—We will learn about 3 major Native American tribes.



7:25-7:55 Arrive, breakfast in classroom, morning work
7:55-8:10 Heggerty Phonics
8:15-8:40 Really Great Reading Phonics
8:40-10:25 Wit and Wisdom Reading with small groups
10:30-11:10 Recess and Bathroom/Wash hands for lunch
11:10-11:35 Lunch
11:40-11:55 Science/Social Studies
12:00-1:30 Math
1:30-2:10 Specials(M-Library, T-Art, W-Music, Th-PE, F-Spanish)
2:15-2:25 Pack up and Dismissal


**BOOK ORDERS—DUE Dec. 9—order online or send in a check to Scholastic.  Orders should be in by Christmas break.

**This nine weeks, students will be working towards being more independent with their work.  I’ll be encouraging them to listen, follow directions, and trying before asking for help.  You can help at home by expecting them to do the same and gain more responsibility. 

**December 2—Interim reports come home—sign/return the white envelope

**December 21—Early dismissal at 12:25—Winter break starts

**Winter party—December 21st.  I will send out a link to sign up.

**WISH LIST:  tissues