Physical Education

                        Hello my name is...

                             Amey Lewis

                                        Lewis Family

I am your child or children's Physical Education Teacher at Wasena Elementary School or Fishburn Park Elementary School.  I am beginning my fifteenth with Roanoke City Public Schools, however, this is beginning my twentieth year overall.  I currently reside in Cloverdale with my husband Jeff of seventeen years and our 13 year old son Harper.  He is beginning eighth grade at Read Mountain Middle School in Botetourt County.  I love teaching Physical Education and am passionate about teaching children how to exercise, eat properly and taking care of their bodies.

This school year poses to be our most challenging year, as our first 9 weeks will be mostly virtual for families.  It is important that we are still making sure our children are exercising and eating healthy!  Physical Education online will be challenging, however, we will make it work to the best of our ability!  It is still important that your child wear appropriate clothing including tennis shoes, while participating in the lessons online.  They need to have as much space as possible when doing our exercises or activities.  Also, if your child is injured or sick and you feel they will not be able to participate in PE, please send me an email or send the child's homeroom teacher an email to excuse them for the day or days.  The classroom teacher can forward this information to myself and the school nurse or you can copy our email addresses to the email you send to the classroom teacher.  Physical Education will take place virtually on Mondays at Wasena and Thursdays at Fishburn Park Elementary.  Please feel free to contact me by email at 
[email protected]