Monthly News and Schedule

March News

READING—We will start Module 3 soon, which has several books about Civil Rights leaders.  Please read about 10-15 minutes at each day with your child.  Look in folders for books or things to work on.

WRITING—We continue to write paragraphs, especially explaining the topics we read about in Wit and Wisdom.  We are writing our names and words in CURSIVE!  Please practice cursive and editing with your child at home.

SPELLING—Word lists are written in planners each Monday.  We will work with the list during the week and test on Friday.  Study at home if your child needs extra help.

MATH—We are finishing up fractions.  Please go over any sheets that come home.  Also, try to point out fractions at home (in the kitchen, on game boards, with toys, etc.).  Next units will include MEASURING LENGTH (in.) AND WEIGHT (lbs.) and TELLING TIME to the nearest five minutes.

SIENCE—We will do life cycles next, specifically the frog, butterfly, and deer.

SOCIAL STUDIES—We will wrap up famous Americans and do an in-class project to present to the class.




7:25-7:55 Arrive, breakfast in classroom, morning work
7:55-8:10 Heggerty Phonics
8:15-8:40 Really Great Reading Phonics
8:40-10:25 Wit and Wisdom Reading with small groups
10:30-11:10 Recess and Bathroom/Wash hands for lunch
11:10-11:35 Lunch
11:40-11:55 Science/Social Studies
12:00-1:30 Math
1:30-2:10 Specials(M-Library, T-Art, W-Music, Th-PE, F-Spanish)
2:15-2:25 Pack up and Dismissal



**March 14—Visitors from the Frontier Culture Museum will talk to us about pioneer life.

**March 24—NO school

**March 31—Report cards and field trip (more info to come)

**Please send in a small, healthy snack for your child each day.  NO drinks other than water or candy.

****WISH LIST:  tissues, play doh, fun stickers