Monthly News

December NEWS

Special holiday THEMES this month—Week 1—Gingerbread.  
Week 2—Reindeer.  Week 3—Polar Express

READING—Continue reading at home for 10 minutes and log it in the planner.  Students can also play at home.  The class code is HOSEYP.  Skills:  proving our answers, explaining with details

WRITING—We continue to edit, practice cursive, and write 5-sentence paragraphs.

SPELLING—Students will have words to go along with our themed weeks this month.  We will do 3 activities with the words each week and have a test on Friday.

MATH—We will be working on using and understanding the equal and not equal symbol.  The last two weeks will be all about fractions.  Students can now play ST Math at home.  Go to and click on ‘students,’ then ‘Clever.’  Your child should know their username and password.

SCIENCE—Topics:  Weather Effects (hibernation, migration, dormancy for plants, etc).

SOCIAL STUDIES—Topics:  Native Americans (tribes, regions, contributions)  Please review the study guide nightly.



BOOK ORDERS—Due THIS FRIDAY, December 6th. CHECK OR ONLINE ONLY!  NO CASH!  Orders will be in before break, so consider ordering for gifts!  Online code is FN3ZV.  We love getting books!!

Yearbooks are on sale for $12.      Music program—Dec. 12th at 6:30pm

**Please remind your child each morning to do and be his/her best!  Be a leader, not a follower.  Be kind! 

**WISH LIST:  Play-doh, fun stickers, sidewalk chalk, any STEAM materials (clothes pins, craft sticks, construction paper, tape, etc.)

 **Have a wonderful holiday season!  I appreciate all your support!