Monthly News

January NEWS

**All 2nd graders in Roanoke City will be taking the CogAt and Iowa tests this month.  We will do parts of these each morning for the next three weeks. 

READING—We will be working with longer passages and answering questions by looking back in the text.  Continue reading at home for 15-20 minutes and log it in the planner.  Students can also play at home.  The class code is HOSEYP.  Skills:  proving our answers, explaining with details

 WRITING—We continue to edit, practice cursive, and write 5-sentence paragraphs.  Students who have mastered their cursive will be able to apply for a “Cursive License!”

 SPELLING—Words each week will have a special feature/pattern.  We will do 3 activities with the words each week and have a test on Friday.

 MATH—We will be working on fractions, patterns, place value, and problem solving. Students can now play ST Math at home.  Go to and click on ‘students,’ then ‘Clever.’  Your child should know their username and password.

 SCIENCE—Topics:  Magnets.  Please review the study guide (distributed in a week or so) nightly.

 SOCIAL STUDIES—Topics:  American Symbols, Martin Luther King, Jr.




NO CASH!  Online code is FN3ZV.  We love getting books!! 

**Be sure your child is getting 8-10 HOURS OF SLEEP each night.  Several come in each morning very groggy and saying they stayed up late or only got a few hours of sleep.  It’s so important to be ready to start the day upon arriving to school. 

**Please remind your child each morning to do and be his/her best!  Be a leader, not a follower.  Be kind! 

**WISH LIST:  Play-doh, fun stickers, sidewalk chalk, any STEAM materials (clothes pins, craft sticks, construction paper, tape, etc.)

**HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Help your child make some ‘school’ year resolutions!