Monthly Newsletter

The Sun is Shinning! And we are outside in the garden, enjoying the playground, and getting ready for a happy, busy, and educational season.

The Special Olympics Little Feet Meet will be held at Northside High School on Wednesday, April 10 with a rain date of Friday, April 12. We have been practicing throwing, jumping, and running and plan on impressing everyone with our skills. Come on out and cheer!

Our spring break will be Monday April 15 through Friday, April 19. Enjoy the moments!

STEAM week will be April 22 - 26. Our students will be taking part in a variety of special activities that celebrate our focus on science, technology, engineering, and the arts. 

On Wednesday of that week, April 24, we will go on an Adapted PE field trip to Valley View Mall for movement and life skills. 

On May 1 we may be attending a Red Sox game with Mr. Rob Sawyer. Stay tuned for confirmation and details!

Friday, May 3 is our Fishburn Park Fun Fest from late afternoon through early evening. Start the weekend out right!

Thursday, May 9 will see us at the Transportation Museum for an interesting trip through Roanoke transportation history. 

AND we hope to take our annual walk to the Community Arboretum and enjoy the beauty of nature, plus the fun walk through the lovely Va Western Campus in mid May. Details to follow.

Swimming has been hit or miss so far this year; mainly miss. But we hope to be in the pool on Mondays as the weather continues to improve. 

In a nutshell these are some of the events of our final weeks of the school year. I am so proud of the growth of each student. We are really growing up!

Jean Hitchins  540-853-2931