Monthly Newsletter

Winter is Here!

Our students are busy noticing the change in the seasons, which has been dramatic so far! Snow, ice, and very cold wind have captured our attention as we collect data for our Weather board.

And, due to the cold weather, we have not been swimming at all. Our rule of thumb is to make sure the temperature is predicted to be at least 50 degrees by 10:00. In the mean time, we are enjoying Adapted PE class with our teacher, Mr. Rob Sawyer.

“Mr Rob” will be taking us all on our postponed bowling, shopping, and lunch trip on February 11. We will enjoy our day out, and will be purchasing dollar treats for a pal to exchange at a Valentine Party on Feb 14.

We all look forward to spring's arrival. The gardens will be planted with herbs, veggies, and flowers again this year.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our program. The students continue to develop, grow, and make us smile every day. I am grateful to you for sharing these precious students with our program here at Fishburn Park.

Jean Hitchins