Monthly Newsletter

Room 4 Has Fun!

We are so delighted to welcome you and your child to the K -2 program for students who have multiple disabilities! You may all pat yourselves on the back for completing that large first-week packet of paper work. Thanks for sending it all back, completed! There will be other forms which will be sent home this school year as needed, in particular the field trip forms, IEP forms for invitation to the meetings, some forms that may require your doctors’ office to complete, etc. Please read, sign and return your child’s daily progress report to keep up with the important day-to-day information you need. These can be found in the “return to school” side of the home folder.

Our school days are full and busy, and the students are doing very well at picking up the routine. A general emphasis in the classroom is independence, and your child will be encouraged to learn the skills to become as independent as possible in our safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Communication is another overall goal. We use communication devices, verbal language, some signs and gestures to teach language expression, working very closely with our speech/language therapist, Mary Kay Kahn. Making choices is a daily job for every student.

Our days include large group time in the learning circles, individual learning opportunities, and small group learning in our center program. Our students work with the students on our 3-5 class right next door for shared center times and other activities. We join with our same-age peers in the general education program for PE, Music, Yoga, and our current events class using the online newspaper, News2You. We also join in with this year’s special House system, the STEAM emphasis with its monthly STEAM hour, and in the fun assemblies.

The OT, PT, Vision, and Speech and Language Therapists work with your child at school every week, according to their individual needs and specific IEP goals. They blend therapy seamlessly into the students days and frequently adjust the therapy to the activity of the classroom.

Breakfast in the classroom is served about 7:45, then lunch in the cafeteria is at 12:35. Snack will be offered in the mid-morning. Please send in to school something small that you know your child would enjoy for snack.

Each day brings many successes for your child. We celebrate with them these achievements, and encourage them to move forward to meet their goals, and to become their best selves. These student surprise me often, and always make me smile! We keep a high bar in room 4, and our students do not disappoint!

We laugh and smile all day in our MD classrooms, and make it our goal to send each student home safe, happy, and probably a bit tired after all of the excitement of the school day.

It is a joy for me to work with your dear little ones as they grow and learn. I look forward to a wonderful and successful year!

Jean Hitchins, Classroom Teacher

Please feel free to contact me at:    and by phone here at school at 540-853-2391