Additional Resources

Hey guys! I am hoping to use this to give you all some additional resources as needed. I will be updating this page as I find resources that I feel will be useful for you.

Please check the "Useful Links" tab to find educational websites that offer lessons, games, and more.

Epic! is an online platform where students can read books, have books read to them, watch videos, etc. I have set up an account for our class. Each student has their own profile. You should have received an email that gives you information on signing up to receive free access due to school closures. You can access this on a computer or on a phone/tablet. The website is OR you can download the app "Epic!"

Our class code is: pta2584- find your child's name and then you will have access. This is a great resource to have access to! 

Other links/ideas for some fun (you may need to copy and paste the links):

Virtual Disney World Rides:
Play to Learn Preschool: 
Fluency & Fitness:
GoNoodle (dance/exercise videos):
YouTube - Cosmic Kids Yoga
Free At Home Learning Packet:
Virtual Field Trips:*4t9PpVcycAJCb8iD3Ybn1A