Mrs. Ring's PK Pals

Hi Everyone,

              Well, it looks like we will have some time at home while this virus runs its course.  I thought I would just touch base with everyone and give you some suggestions of things you could do at home. I encourage you to work with your child daily as your schedule permits. This will help keep them busy learning and sharpening their skills.  I want you to know that I am available to you by email every school day ( and that I will be checking in with you by phone as well.  If you need to speak with me, please send me an email and I will give you a call since I am not exactly sure which days I will be at the school. I hope this information will be of assistance to you and I look forward to seeing the children upon our return to school.

Possible sites for learning games and practice:

Copy and paste:


go to For Families, click highlighted link, choose grade level (pre-k, K)


password: Clifford

2) ABC Mouse- you can sign up for a free trial currently- may be free in the future




Some activities:

              *Discuss the calendar daily- talk about your plan for the day, the name of the day, month and number (date).

              * Try to give them a variety of different activities during the day.  Try alternating a learning activity with free play

              *Look at and read stories. Ask them to tell you about the story by just looking at the pictures (take a book walk) then read and ask them questions about what they see going on.  They should be able to identify letters on the page and know where to start reading and which way to go. You can point to model this for them.

              *Encourage active play both indoor and outdoors.   Let them explore outside, be creative, paint with water on the sidewalk, use toys outside, run, hop, skip, jump.  Indoors have them do puzzles, play with blocks, cars, Legos, magnets, play dough, etc…..

              * Practice matching uppercase to lowercase using ABC game previously given. Go on a scavenger hunt in the house- find numbers 1-10, find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet, time how quickly they can clean their room, or clean up their toys, mix the letters up and put them in order, play memory, play card games (Go Fish or Higher/Lower Number (identify which number is more or less).

              * Encourage writing daily- let them choose what they want to write- name (first and last), alphabet, numbers as high as they can go, sentences ( I am going to …….) and words. Let them try to spell words by writing the sounds they hear- okay if it is not exactly right.

            *During meal/ snack times they can do sorting, counting and comparing (more/less)

             *Cook something with them- let them be helpers (they love to help)

             * Limit screen time

              *Practice cutting (with supervision of course), Have them cut cereal boxes, old magazines or you can draw a shape for them to cut.

              * Make some play dough.

              * Go on a walk in your neighborhood- good exercise and they can talk about what they see.

              *Build a fort.

              *Have an indoor picnic.

              *Play games- this is a great opportunity to practice taking turns.

I hope everyone remains healthy. Hope to see everyone soon! Please tell your little ones that I miss seeing them and their smiling faces. 


Ashley Ring