Monthly News and Schedule

September NEWS

READING—We will be identifying and describing characters, setting, conflict, and resolution.  Also, we will discuss main idea and theme this month. Be sure to complete all activities on Canvas!

WRITING—Since we are mostly virtual, it's important to write every day to develop fine motor and writing skills. Encourage your child to use the lines on the paper and if you notice any letters printed wrong, help him/her practice.  We will be editing for capital letters and ending punctuation.

MATH—We will be exploring place value, skip counting, even/odd numbers, and ordinal numbers this month.  Students will continue to play ST math, which is on their Clever account.

SOCIAL STUDIES—The Labor Day projects were wonderful!  I enjoyed hearing what we want to be when we grow up.  Our next unit will be all about Rules and Citizenship.  We will alternate S.S. and Science each week.

SCIENCE--Our first unit will be all about the three types of Matter.  At the end of the month, we will start habitats.  We will alternate S.S. and Science each week.

1st nine weeks Virtual Schedule


 Log on Canvas, Do check-in, click on LIVE meeting link

 LIVE whole group reading


 Independent reading work time in Canvas, small groups


**Mon--Live music, Fri--Live art (click on your courses for links)


 LIVE whole group math
**Fri--guidance with Mrs. Shreve at 10:45


 Independent math work time in Canvas, small groups


*Tues @ 12:30 live library (click on your library course for link)


 Independent science/social studies work time in Canvas
**Fri--live PE (click on your PE course for link)

 Mrs. Hosey's office hours


**Help your child tune into our LIVE times at 8:30 and 10:30 each day.
**Reading small groups are forming!  Most meet after our our 8:30 meeting and some come back at 9:30.  Mrs. Garner also takes a few groups.