Monthly News

**Please sign your child’s planner/agenda each night.  I will mark behavior and check that students have written down homework.

 **Homework will always be to read 10-15 minutes each night and study spelling words.  If you need books, please let me know!  We may also have a weekly math sheet.

 **Remind your child daily about following directions/rules and listening.  We are working on doing our personal best!

 READING—We continue to enjoy read alouds and do connecting activities.  We are done with testing (benchmark levels and PALS), so we are now doing lots of centers.  Please encourage reading at home for at least 10 minutes and we will build our way up to 20 minutes.  Topics include:  non-fiction features, drawing conclusions and main idea

 WRITING—We are writing everyday in our notebooks daily to express ourselves and improve handwriting.  Topics:  prefixes/suffixes, homophones, and compound words

 SPELLING—We have our tests on Thursday and get new words on Friday (unless I forget!).  At school, we write 3 activities with the words.  At home, students just need to study and sort their words by feature.  Please bring the baggie of words to school each day!

 MATH—Our topics this month include:  ordinal numbers, graphs, patterns, and temperature

Look for skip counting practice lists!  2nd graders must know how to count to 120 by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

 SCIENCE—We will begin Ecosystems this month.

 SOCIAL STUDIES—Topics include:  USA map (rivers, mountains, lakes).