Monthly News Letter



“I Can Do It Myself!”

Learning Independence through Fun and Structure in the MD Classroom

In our classroom for students who have multiple disabilities we believe that every student can learn and each individual can work toward more independent functioning. It is our pleasure to be your child’s guide and teacher as we enter this process together. During this school year the students will participate in a variety of educational experiences.

You will notice that your student has an important classroom job, and that the job will change weekly. Your little one will learn to communicate the job title (attendance helper, calendar helper, etc.) using assistive communication devices, gestures, or spoken language and will be responsible for carrying out the job all week. And you will hear all about it on the daily progress report!

The students will participate in daily shared academic center activities with the MD 3-5 classroom next door. Centers include Math, Reading, Maker, Science, Large Motor, and Independent Work. Your student will carry the schedule, and be prepared to move to the next center with support until they have completed all seven centers over the course of each week. You will see many results of the small group learning that occurs in centers in the back pack.

We will host a current events class for the general curriculum first graders called “News 2 You” that we teach on the Smart Board. Our students fully participate with their typically developing peers as they take turns moving through this engaging activity.

And for fun, fitness, and relaxation we will go swimming at the Gator Pool right next door each Monday from 9:00 – 10:00 as a part of the Adapted PE program. As long as the weather is good we will walk to the pool, splash and swim. When the weather does not cooperate we will spend that hour in Adapted PE class.

There will be field trips, school based STEM activities, and gardening throughout the school year. We cannot wait to begin!

Thank you for sharing your precious little ones with us! Please be in touch!
Jean Hitchins  540-853-2931